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Room Dividers For The Small Space With Big Aspirations

Finding good sized room that fits your needs perfectly is like finding a needle in a haystack. For many city dwellers, or those with cozy living quarters, rooms must sometimes take on double duty and be re-purposed to house several activities concurrently. For those with small quarters, Room Dividers is a good way to go to give each room its own defined space and separate fill, without adding the actual square footage.

One type of room divider that would be beneficial to decor and allowing a space to feel large while in a small studio apartments, is a translucent room divider. A Room Divider that allows sun light to flow freely throughout the room will stop the dark, cramped feel, and allow both spaces to be completely workable. A great Room Divider that encourages light is the Room Divider Wall System by iDivide. This set retails for 999 USD and is customizable for each apartment.

Another chic Room Divider that offers light coloring and a texture that defines room separation is the Rollable Wooden Room Partition Screen Room Divider sold by Shanghai Cosmos Gift IND for 229 USD. This room divider is a curved wooden form that is great for a room that is mostly earth tones, artsy or simple, and Eco Friendly. The feel that this room divider gives off is a light, natural aura, so this is great for any city dweller looking to get in touch with nature.

Another good Room Divider idea is the large book case. The book case Room Divider is very versatile in that it can be filled with books or other knick knack objects to obstruct the view from one room to another, but it can also be left open in certain spaces to allow for good light flow, thereby opening up the space and allowing a lot more room and inspiration. A good book case room divider is the Truffle Finish Room Divider Bookcase offered by Nexera for 174 USD.

Bookcases, translucent divider walls, and wooden partitions are all good ways to break up and divide a space into mini spots of inspiration and creativity within one roof.

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