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Ideas For Decorative Room Dividers

Room dividers, such as pocket doors are commonly used to divide a large open space into two separate areas. There are other ways to to divide open space which is more economical. Portable room dividers work well as decorative pieces, and can be replaced easily, or moved during a redecorating project. There are multiple ideas for the use of room dividers. The styles and construction materials make them suitable for any room in the home. Decorative room dividers are no longer restricted to indoors. They are also serving as privacy screens for outdoors. Most home improvement retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes and Ikea have made decorative room dividers available to online shoppers.

Often, the family computer is used in the primary living space of the average home. Whether parents are using the mini office area to do online billing or the kids are busy doing homework, nearby activity can be distracting. One great idea is to use bookcases. The safest, free standing one are usually the most expensive, if you want total separation of the work area from the living room area. One great idea for decorative room dividers is called the photo room divider. Often there isn't room for the smaller picture frames. One of the online retailers, the Room Divider Store, has various styles of photo screens, which hold 5x7 photographs. Each section looks like a picture frame and has Plexiglas covering you photographs.

The Home Decorators Collection, of Home Depot, consists of an endless assortment of prints from the traditional Asian style to nature prints such as Nature's Wonder Floor Screen, Item #61892. There is an endless assortment of scenic screen room dividers which range from beautiful nature scenes, to vintage prints.

One of the hugest problems families have is when there is more family, than there are bedrooms. One of the ways to give those who are sharing a bedroom is dividing the space with a decorative room divider. One useful and inexpensive idea for the young one is to use plastic storage cubes. The acrylic cubes come in assorted colors, which stack easily with the open portion facing out. The cubes not only divide the room, but they give each child additional storage space for their special belongings. With a little research, there are multiple ideas for the use of decorative room dividers, as well as do it yourself ideas. Thanks to technology, the Internet makes it easy for you to find some great ideas, and do some price comparisons as well.

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