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Add Personality To A Room With Photo Screen Room Dividers

A new decor item that will help you add a personal touch to any room is the photo screen room divider. Photo screen room dividers let you insert personal photos or art prints into the panels for all to see. This is a great way to divide space in a room without using heavy, dark dividers. It is also a great way to add to the theme of a room decor, show off art work or special interests.

Photo Screen room Dividers are hinged together, flat panels that have framed ares to insert flat pictures of one sort or another. The pictures are usually protected by glass or Plexiglas. The limitation is that the photos or artwork will need to be the size of the framed area on the screen. There are also custom photo screens available that feature enlargements of your art or photos covering the whole panel. You can also choose from art provided by the room divider manufacturer. These screens add to any decor, but work especially well in modern or contemporary design. The retailers selling these unique divider screens will provide design help, options and ideas to help the homeowner.

Photo screen room dividers come in different sizes and number of panels. They have frames to add strength and stability to the screens. These screens can be freestanding and portable partitions. They can also be purchased with a sliding track system or be attached to the floor and ceiling. These photo screen room dividers can also be purchased in a configuration involving shelves one one or both sides. They would make a great partition in a child's room, where each side could have favorite photos of the child on that side.

Photo screen room dividers are priced according to size, style, materials used and manufacturer. They can be purchased on several on line sites including:, and, or at local retailers like: WalMart, Home Depot, Lowe's and Target. The average price range for photo screen room dividers is between $100.00 and $250.00. Clearance prices and special promotions can lower prices for those who take the time to shop around.

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