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Add Character To Your Home With Plantation Shutter Screen Dividers

Plantation Shutter Screen Dividers are a great way to add character to your home interior decor, divide a large room into two or more spaces, control sun and light and add privacy to one area of a room. With the addition of a plantation shutter screen divider, you can turn a corner of a bedroom into a private dressing room. You can set up a home office on one wall of a living or family room and add a plantation shutter partition to make it seem like a room. You can divide a bedroom shared by two children, giving each their own space. You can set up a louvered screen in front of a window wall to control sun glare and add privacy, without covering the whole wall with draperies or blinds.

Just what are plantation shutter room dividers? They are tall room dividers with multiple panels hinged together, each panel having a frame and adjustable louvers. The screen sizes, number of panels, size of louvers and materials and colors varies. There is a very wide choice of plantation shutter screen dividers, so any type of decor can be matched. If there is a wide area to be covered, multiple sets can be used. These screens can be found in heights of 5 feet to ceiling height and can be freestanding, attached to floor and or ceiling, installed with a sliding track system or a rolling panel system. Some sizes to look for are 84" x 72", 72" x 54", 68" x 90". They can consist of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 panels.

Pricing will depend on many factors such as size, material used, quality, number of panels and style. Prices also varie from manufacturer to manufacturer. The general price range is from around $100.00 to $800.00. Solid wood plantation shutter screen dividers are most expensive and best quality. Other materials used are MDF (medium density fiber board), vinyl or metal. Louvered plantation shutter screen dividers can be made in many styles, including contemporary, island, country and traditional.

The home owner can shop for plantation shutter screen dividers on line or at local stores and home supply places like: Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowe's. Some of the manufacturers to look for are: Hunter Douglas, Ikea, Kestrel, The Shutter Store, Horizon: Plantation Shutters, AGI Group: Plantation shutters and Custom Shutters.

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Room dividers are not a new concept. They've been used for thousands of years and the screens that were made in the orient are now very valuable. I recently saw a set of 8 panels appraised on Antiques Roadshow for $35,000 and it wasn't even the full set. Plus they were damaged. Imagine their worth if they'd been in good condition and complete?

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